Kuba Pillow (Square)

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Add some style to your room with a beautiful Kuba cloth pillow.

Handmade in the DR Congo (Democratic Republic of Congo) from traditional raffia palm leaves, these textiles originated in the Kuba Kingdom from the 17th and 19th centuries and constitute a rich tradition. Kuba cloth is recognizable by geometric patterns and colors in neutrals, black, and orange.

Produced in an “envelope style” with a removal cover,  these square pillows are available in large (24 x 24 inches) and medium sizes (18 x 18 inches).  A down insert is included with each pillow.  They work great as a stand- alone piece, a pair, or as a mix and match with rectangular Kuba pillows!  

Please note that these textiles are handmade and unique, with variations among the patterns.